Looking to relax, slow down or are you a beginner? Try these classes:


Gentle Yoga

This class will incorporate restorative postures into a slow, meditative, calm practice. Perfect for beginners, or even advanced practitioners wishing to slow down, we will use gentle movement to welcome soft openings and mind-body awareness.

Warm Mellow Flow

Warm Mellow Flow is meant to warm you inside and out, but not burn you up like our lives can sometimes do. This practice is mellow, focusing on reducing stress and deepening the practice with juicier sequencing, deep breath work and elements of restorative yoga included. This class isn't always easy, but it isn't built to make you sweat either. Come nourish your mind, body and spirit with this grounding Warm Mellow Flow class.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a quiet, meditative practice with long, deep holding of passive poses. Using mindful muscle relaxation, yin postures target the connective tissue nourishing joints, ligaments, and fascia promoting the healthy flow of chi (energy). The Yin practice is a wonderful compliment to more vigorous yoga practices or activities such as running, cycling, and hiking. The practice is suitable and encouraged for all levels of practitioners.

Hatha Level 1

This class is aimed with the beginner yogi in mind. Whether you are just stepping onto your mat for the first time or simply craving a step-by-step review of yoga basics- this hour is for you. The intention of this class is to make the practice accessible to everyone while building a strong foundation in the fundamentals of yoga, breathing, and alignment.

Slow Flow

Slow flow classes are similar to vinyasa classes in that they help to create a strong connection with the breath and poses are strung together and target the whole body. The class feels like one long free flowing pose, much like a moving meditation. This helps to not only create balanced strength and flexibility but also has a powerful calming effect on the nervous system including a feeling of deep relaxation. This class is soft and smooth and appropriate for all levels including beginners.


This hybrid class blends the thoughtful, fluid movement of vinyasa with the deep, yummy sensation of yin. Movement is low and slow and the vibe is chill. YinYasa is appropriate for all levels of practice and is a treat for the body and the soul.

Yoga Flow

A fitness yoga practice appropriate for all levels of practitioners. Vinyasa is a series of poses that warms your body, strengthens the core, and energizes the mind. The room is kept between a comfortable 70-80 degrees.

Embodied Yoga

Embracing ourselves in all our beauty and unique complexity. Class will include a somatic warm-up, breath-work, and strength exercises to support an intelligent yoga asana sequence. The last ten minutes are dedicated to restorative practice. A practice for all levels, all bodies, guided expertly while encouraging students to explore and follow their curiosity. Prepare to experience your body in different ways that will enable you to move and live well.

Community Yoga

Our community yoga class is an affordable and great way to get to know the wonderful community at Om Studios. This is an all levels yoga flow class taught by newly graduated yoga teachers. The class is based on attention, integrity, and lightheartedness. Beginners welcome! Class cost is $5



Looking to move a bit faster, sweat and advance your practice?


Ki Yoga: Strengthening Asana

In this Ki Yoga class we explore the fundamental principle of breath work paired with strong asana postures to deeply access both the physical and subtle anatomy of the body. Every class offers a unique focus; whether that be a given asana shape, an anatomical location in the body or a subtle body focal point. The class is heated to 90* with the intention of making the body warm for ease of accessing challenging asanas and to detoxify the system through sweat.

Expect a class that is balanced in its warming and cooling phases; you will be challenged to access the body deeply, yet given time to cool-down and connect with the physical and subtle body more intimately. There is a strong emphasis on prop use, which additionally makes this class suitable for all yoga practitioners. Aromatherapy and Thai-massage-style adjustments are used in every class; however, all students are given the opportunity to decline these elements before beginning practice.

Heated Vinyasa Yoga

A Vinyasa style or "flow" yoga class in a heated (80-90 degree room) focusing on building heat through the body and evoking a bit of sweat. A strong focus on core work and arm strength. We will explore arm balances and inversions. We recommend that you have some yoga flow experience before joining a power yoga class.

Power Flow

A Vinyasa style or "flow" yoga class in a heated room focusing on building heat through the body and evoking a bit of sweat. A strong focus on core work and arm strength. We will explore arm balances and inversions. We recommend that you have some yoga flow experience before joining a power yoga class.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga sculpt is the fusion of vinyasa yoga and strength endurance training. This unique and intense workout incorporates hand weights and is designed to tone and shape your body. Build stamina through a series of squats, lunges, crunches, plank holds, cardio work, balancing postures, and stretching.



A class for moms to be


Prenatal Yoga

Prepare your body for an empowered and mindful birth experience. Soothe the aches of pregnancy and increase circulation to the body. Build strength, stamina and stability. Create breath and body awareness and learn positive affirmations & mantras for birthing. Prenatal yoga offers an opportunity to tune into your sensations and connect with your baby, imitating the process of bonding and supports you in cultivating your relationship with your baby even before he or she is born yet! Connecting with a community of other mom's to be provides a sense of support and can help ground you during this special time.