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Mindful Pregnancy- Prenatal Yoga Series

·      Discover ways to truly connect with your baby before birth.

·      Uncover ancient truths about the spiritual process of pregnancy.  

·      Relieve physical symptoms of pregnancy – such as back pain and general discomfort.

·      Develop tools that will help during the birthing experience.

·      Find connection and support from other expectant mamas.

Structure: 6 weekly classes lasting 1.5 hours each


 Week 1*– Introduction to Mindful Pregnancy Series, Intention Setting and Group Share

 Week 2* – Enlightened Pregnancy: Discussion on the Buddhist concept of Bardo and visualization of the baby’s spiritual journey while in the womb

 Week 3* – Pranayama for Pregnancy: A lesson on the 3 best breathing exercises for pregnancy and labor (Shitali, Nadi Shodhana, Ujjayi)

 Week 4* – Meditation Practice: Tips for a consistent home meditation practice and review of benefits for mama, baby, partner and family

 Week 5* – Fear and Love: Sisterhood support circle to release worries and cultivate courage

 Week 6* – A Celebration of Rebirth: Homa ceremony to invoke the divine and set profound spiritual intentions for the upcoming life transformation

 *Each class will begin with a guided meditation and prenatal yoga sequence (45-60 minutes)

All 6 classes $90 or Drop in $20


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